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3 Biggest Mistakes To Avoid - Buying Tile

Although the joy of buying tile is the pleasure of selecting the style, color, and texture that pleases, the devil is truly in the details. Here are some of the most common mistakes to help keep the joy in your tile buying experience.

1) Don’t measure your tile job yourself.

Have your professional tile installer do it for you. What appears to be simple math can delude quickly. Unless you have serious skills with tile installation and can account for the odd angles, occasional broken pieces, and those trim pieces that line the edges of your tile project, we recommend that you have your tile setter, or installation expert do the measuring.

Their training and experience affords them the knowledge of knowing just how much tile to order with the right amount of overage. They can calculate accurate figures for the square footage of field tile, the linear measurements of liners, and calculate your deco tiles or design elements too. Keep in mind -- a certain amount of overage is standard practice.


The excitement can fade fast when you don’t have enough tile to finish the job. It’s frustrating to have to wait for more to be ordered.

If you are ordering handmade tile and run out, then your new batch may not be the match you expected, as handmade tiles have more variance.


When too much tile is ordered, the overage is usually not returnable. Small odd lots take up space and have little to no resale value to a dealer. The overage is only valuable to you if you need it for a replacement or a repair at a later date.

2) If you have a general contractor - communicate with your tile installer.

The tile installer will be the one doing the actual work and is the one to communicate with about the details of the measuring, ordering, and layout. Communication is critical so that your vision translates accurately into what gets purchased, and ultimately, installed.

3) Don’t pick the grout color until the walls or surfaces are completely tiled.

Shadow and light can play tricks on the eye. It’s good to see what your tiles look like installed. That way you can lighten them up, darken them, or dial in just the right shade to complement or add contrast. Having the area tiled allows you to see the color at different times of the day, and in different lighting. Purchasing grout is quick and easy. Replacing grout is not.

A few other things to keep in mind are:

- Ask for samples of the “current shade” of the “current run” of tile you are considering.

- Choose the right type of tile for the installation in terms of durability and water resistance.

- Always get references for your tile installer - - then check those references out!


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