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Tile Left Overs

Leftover tile is an interesting topic. Simply said, it is tile left over after the job is completed.

If the job was well-measured there won’t be tons of it. Perhaps enough to store in the garage for the random instance of needing some extra to match up for a repair. Sometime a few stacks or boxes. It depends.

Leftover tile , even if unused, is not a returnable item. The odd lots of tile that tile warehouses might typically carry — are are usually bought by them directly from the manufacturer, in quantities large enough to cover whole tile jobs. Leftovers, even if boxed, have no resale value, and thus, no demand.

The key to having the least amount of excess tile is to measure a job accurately. The best scenario is to have the job measured and ordered buy a contractor, tile professional, or person with enough experience to accurately do the tile job.

Problems tend to show up when a client is left to figure and order the tile for their own job. When the responsibility shifts to the client there is more misunderstanding about how to accurately figure the job, and unfortunately, an assumption that unused tile might possibly be returned.

If you are a DIY-er, study up on how to accurately measure for a tile installation before ordering your supplies. No one wants to waste money on tile they don’t need. Some leftover tile is a good thing. Lots of leftover tile is unnecessary.

Before starting a tile project get clear on who has the responsibility of accurately measuring and ordering. If you are a homeowner, insist that your hired professional do the measuring for you, as well as the ordering. Let them figure the job and shoulder that responsibility. After all, that’s what professionals are paid for.


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