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Tile Tips to Improve Resale Value

You want your home to look great when it comes time to sell it. You understand that the bathroom and kitchen are where the wow factor counts heavily. So here are things that help when it comes to tile.

1) Get the best quality tile your budget will allow.

If you are selling a million dollar home the last thing you want is cheap tile on your walls, floors, or counters. Even if real stone is not in your budget, get the best quality your budget can afford. People can be quite scrutinizing when it comes to tile. Many people have signed purchase deals based on falling in love with the bathroom or shower tile treatment. Why? Because it’s a luxury they use every day, and they can imagine themselves surrounded by that beautiful tile each morning (or evening) as they shower or take a bath.

2) Lean toward classic rather than trendy.

The trendy look that’s in this year may not be in next year. If you’re not looking to sell, then certainly, please yourself! But if you want to move your home -- it’s the classic motif that will stand the test of time. Few can resist a travertine-tiled bathroom.


Floor and wall medallions made of stone make a great statement. They definitely up the wow factor by adding classic elegance to a floor entry area or to a shower wall.


Keep the look unified, tight, and flowing well from area to area. Whether you look is French Provincial, Meditteranean, contemporary, or Craftsman style, keep that look flowing throughout your home -- even if it’s a more simplified, lean or spare version. Continuity is helpful in creating that pulled-together feeling that buyers like.


Tile is a commitment. Before moving ahead with a selection you’re not 100% sure about it’s useful to consult a professional. Sometimes you can get lucky and find help in coordinating your project. New Metro Tile Co, offers free consultations with highly trained professional designers, every Saturday, to help their clients color-coordinate their projects. They can also refer you to excellent resources in paid design consultants should you require an in-house consultation or more in-depth services. If you need assistance with pulling together a great design and fabulous look, enlisting a design pro is a great way to go. It beats the alternative of a hodge-podge design that screams “this needs a makeover” to a buyer.

3) Keep your tile clean and in good repair.

Tile maintenance goes a long way when a prospective buyer walks in your home and notices that your tile floors, showers, and kitchen counter tops are beautiful, clean, and free of cracks and stains.

No matter how old your home is, it can still look attractive if your surfaces are well manicured, sparkling, and in good repair. It is these details that define the lines between a “fixer-upper” and move-in condition.

Experts such as Alex Stone and Tile Services who routinely fix cracks, chips, stains, and buff out problem areas, know that maintenance is much more cost effective for a homeowner than having to remedy a major disaster in a marble, granite, travertine, floor, counter top, or wall at the last minute.

If you have let an area go, or if one of your tile surfaces has faded over time, such as the grout in the bath or shower, you might consider having a professional recolor or tint your grout, to a more attractive shade as part of the cleaning and restoration. This is also a good strategy for stone tile surfaces that have faded!


Shower pans can leak after many years of use. Ripping it out and replacing it is a worthwhile propositions when you consider how much damage not doing it can cause. When it comes to resale value, attractive and problem-free bathrooms are worth quite alot to a buyer. Make sure yours is up to speed.

If you don’t have the skills, hire a seasoned professional to do this job. A licensed tile contractor with plenty of experience is the best bet to call for a full-on shower pan replacement, and to accurately troubleshoot what’s going on before getting into it.

So tighten up those tile surfaces and get that property sold!


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